Fake Band Names

Almost every week, we have a “Fake Band Names” segment on Music in Your Shoes. Usually it’s at 9pm ET, but sometimes it can be a bit later. Italicized and indented band names mean they’ve been said on air.


Updated December 6, 2017

The Kissing Fingers
The Kiss and Never Tells
Acid on the Internet
The Internet on Acid
Wilted Carrots
The Go-aheads
     Your Evening Bathrobe
Los Second Dos
     Washable Peanuts
     Custody Battle(s)
A Sigh of Bacon
Equitable Steel
Soy Toiletry
     Salt Temple Pellets
     Trees on Lights
     Milk Sticks to My Hair
Table 40
Impatient Unit
     Heart Shit [said on air after 10pm]
     The High Kids
     Signature: Demolition
     The Shite Wipes
     Gunk Sphere
The Sublimations
Spike(d) Nuts
Abandonment Suits Locker
High Cube
Wines and Veeds
The Limpets
Bot Urgent
     Pinky Promises to Bitches
Choices for Voices
     Mutant Fingers [DJ AC’s son, Ben, trying to say “minifigure”]
     Magnus Bitch
     Pinky Swear
Muted Fun
Weird Sauce
Fit Brains
     Old Men from Montreal
Beat Leaves
     Livid Condition
War Drops
Cold Beers
Smell Buds
Black Tea Shirts
The Broken Signs
     Adult Torso
Mute Controller
     Sammy Danish Jr.
     Disinfectant Wife
Loves Eat
     Dick Herniation [from Late Night with David Letterman]
     Free Cremation [from Late Night with David Letterman]
Full Frontal
Cheese Gold
Witfull Banter
Cosmic Karaoke
Buenas Chicas
Unnecessary Peevil
Fog Area
     Empty Co-worker
The Payloaders
Pig Dogs
     Itchy Prick
Sticks & Steals
Ex Rays
     Phone Rape
     Mother Nature’s a Bitch
Co So No
     The Door Jams
That’s Pretty Goo
     Canadian Head
     Liver Teens
Angry Doctors
Liquid Plans
Condom Juices
Jerk to Inflate
Urine Stain
Modern Fireproof Bush
     Citizenshit [said on air after 10pm]
     Armpit Rubber
     Octopiss [said on air after 10pm]
     Camel Meal
Skin Neck Titty
     Goodshit Lollifuck [said on air after 10pm]
     Quad Combo Riser
     Fire and Dangerous Things
     The Dirty O’s
     The Ascendents
     Frog Toads [Elizabeth]
Ash Fault
     Multicolored Umbrella
     Descriptive Porn
     Devil Make Hair
     Pussy Willow
     Modus Part
     The American Australian Pink Floyd [Harry]
Uber Logical
Religious Food Court
Valley Strays
(There’s) Lots of Dicks (Out There)
Trader Jew’s
Tuna Fart
Tall Asian
Hoe’s Feathers
Trader Hoe’s
     Lipstick Sugar
     Los Awful
     Man Spread
     Last Clean
     Booger Burrows
     Midnight Fish
     Asbestos We Can
     Vegetarian Sushi Burger
     Gas Killer Dynamite
     Polish Yellow Pages
Killer Stiff
     Flower Salad
     Lucille Deflated Balls
Evil Sign
     The Almond Butters
     The Value of Lice
     At Fake Value
     The Deltoids
     Skid Rope
     Actors Are Real People Too
Goodman Goddamn
     Useless Fax
     Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
     Convertible Cats
     Salad Cream
     Fish Fool
     Resin Evil
     The Real Tragedy of Lice
     Random Compass
     The Skinks
     Real Live
     Tainted Bagel [Brian]
     STD Speedwagon [Harry]
     Boneless Cannolis [Harry]
     Hairy Pothead
Butthole Opener
     Alternative Motive
     Seeds Not Pits
     Pees Not Shits [said on air after 10pm]
     Seedy Mouthfeel
Boob Dibs
     Meow or Never [Lacie – illustrator at Molten Java]
     Vomit Comet [Dave from The Red Hots]
     Hobo Orgy [Dave]
     Anal Fortnight [Dave]
     Cheesecloth Revolution [Dave]
     Underwear Telekinesis [Dave]
     Statutory Grape [Dave]
Cayone Cahonas
     Gender Monotony [Harry, inspired by Gender Mutiny’s name]
     Hobo Kin
     Mixture of Me
Happy Art
     The Penultimates
     Cowboy Ninja Snake Rape [Donny from Zen Dudes and the Universe]
John Titty Melon Clamps [Dave]
     Hair Utter
     Elevator Abyss
     Binge & Purge [Harry’s folk duo idea]
     Swamp Juice
     Asshole Nation [Harry]
     Idiot Juice
     Infrequent Ingestion
     Dads of Destiny
     Black Cock Chrysalis
     Circle Jerk of Power
     Cold Turkey Hobos
     Happy Birthday CLINT [Harry]
     Worm Hair
     Joe Paton With Hair
     Brain Chord
     Acid Angels
     Gothic Sunshine [Pete]
     Toilet Fuel [DJ AC’s daughter, Elizabeth]
     High Drilla
     Musical Intake
     Vampire Dairies
     Closed Legs
     Heat Warped [DJ AC’s brother, ARDJB]
     Chowbaby [Harry]
     Naked Reagan
Phantom Pain
The Phantom Limbs
     Blue Polar Bears [Elizabeth]
Liver Performance
Hopeless Dreamers
Dopeless Schemers
Copycat Power
     Queen Lataffy [Elizabeth]
Roller Coaster Holocaust [ARDJB]
     Bog Line [DJ AC’s mom, DJ Babcia]
     Iggy Pipe [DJ Babcia]
Poppa Joe Roach
     Petty Poop [Elizabeth]
     El Cheapo
     Changing Rainbows
     Type 1 Fracture
     Toes to Nose
     FDR and the New Deals [Emmet]
     The Something or Others
     Whatever Disco [Elizabeth]
     Venom Machine [Elizabeth]
     Fake Estate
     Kitty Style
Nocturnal Transmissions [Harry]
     Country Rave
     Big Germs
     Chocolate Liver
     Dead Moss [Ben]
     Device Whips
     Rolling Stoned
     Handsome Fury
     Bread Pilot
     The Pawns
     Black Eyed Keys [Becky Kessler from Violent Mae]
     Best Bleeding Man
     Curtain Twitcher [song by YAK]
     Sharp Ages
     BBY SDA
     Blood Sweat
     Garmuddle [ARDJB]
     Quick Lick [Jan the Woman]
     Bladder’s Funeral
     Chowbaby [Harry]
     Unarmed Boobies
     Stockholder Syndrome
     Marine Orgasms
     Man of Thunderclap Newman
     Yeehaw Yeehaw Yeehaws [play on Yeah Yeah Yeahs]
     Hulk Whore
     Whore Shoes
     Clam Rays
     Imperial Punk
     Electric Lights [Elizabeth heard “electrolytes”]
     No Young
     Cat Dildos
     Old Habits Die Hardly
     Neil Fu Young [Harry]
     Swine Glass
     Pasta la Vista
     Pelvic Amnesia
     Shituation [said on air after 10pm]
     Full Metal Jackass
     Sweat Tooth
     Nellie Fritatta
     The Intolerable Acts
     Snot Rocket [Seth Meyers talking to Beth Behrs]
     Turn Around, Don’t Drown [weather advisory for flash floods]
     Hitler’s Grave [from a spam email]
     Abra Cadaver [Iced Ink song]
     Lesbian Express
     Bulge Rot [Erin incorrectly saying Bilge Rat, an actual band]
The Yeasty Boys [Harry]
     Tetanus Racket
     Random Banana [Elizabeth]
     Foxymoron [Elizabeth]
Enema Energy
     Weird Hobby
     Weird Blood
     Psychotic Reaction [from the movie, Singles]
     Love or Confusion [also from Singles]
     Skunk Fart
     Smiles Per Gallon [inspired by lyrics in QTY’s “Rodeo”]
     Cattle Goo
     Wolf Buddy
     Reese’s Penis [said on air after 10pm]
Aerohead [Elizabeth]