09/07/15 playlist: Music in Your Shoes (Labor Day)

Authority Zero – Mexican Radio
Tijuana Panthers – Creature
The 6ths – Falling Out of Love (With You)
The Glands – Livin’ Was Easy
Atlas Sound – Walkabout (w. Noah Lennox)
Nothing – Get Well
The Sonics – Psycho
King Tuff – Hit & Run
Brittle Stars – Instrumental
Birdmonster – ‘Cause You Can
Descendents – Pep Talk
Little Joy – No One’s Better Sake
Santigold – Lights Out
Apsci – Crazy Crazy Insane
Islands – Rough Gem
La Sera – Please Be My Third Eye
59 Times the Pain – Need No Alibi
One Man Army – Last Word Spoken
The Class Assassins – Freedom
Time Again – Lookin’ Back
Blood on the Wall – Reunite on Ice
Stove – Jock Dreams
Rat’s Mouth – Eskimo
Dr. Martino – Night Fever
Screaming Females – Mothership
Mother Tongue – Hangin’ Around
Tegan and Sara – Dark Come Soon
Telekinesis – Look to the East
PHONE-IN EXPERIMENT – Sim from Dr. Martino
Royal Bangs – Bad News, Strange Luck
Destroyer – Dream Lover [Amy from Dr. Martino request]
Implosive Disgorgence – Preeminent Execution [Sim from Dr. Martino request]
U2 – 40 [Amy from Dr. Martino request]
A New Found Glory – My Heart Will Go On [DJ Babcia request]
Sum 41 – How You Remind Me [DJ Babcia request]